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Ole Miss basketball releases part 2 of ‘Andy Kennedy reads mean tweets about himself’

You must watch this all the way to the end.

The Ole Miss athletics PR armature are wonderful people to work with, not least Paris Buchanan, whom Zach and I are trying to get on the podcast, along with some of their video production people. Paris, I haven’t forgotten about you, and I’m emailing you soon. It’s just that I’m kind of busy this week.

So anyway, the basketball media department took a very successful and funny idea from Jimmy Kimmel, and put together a series of videos featuring head basketball coach Andy Kennedy reading mean tweets about himself. There are many such tweets, and AK’s a savvy enough guy to be able to laugh at himself. Long live AK.

While the first installment was impressive, this second installment produced an audible guffaw from your interim chief here at the shop. The end is absolutely perfect, and to whoever’s idea that was over in the hoops media shop, thank you. Just splendid work.

Great choice on the REM. May these continue out into infinity.