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PODCAST REBELLION EXCLUSIVE: Shea Patterson thinks a hot dog is NOT a sandwich

The Daily Mississippian’s sports editor Grayson Weir joins the show to discuss this tragedy.

After snapping their three-game losing streak and clobbering Vanderbilt, we are just so full of football that we need to take a slight break. Only for a moment. So we decided that we should take a look at the inner-workings of the student journalism world at The University of Mississippi. In comes our dear friend, Grayson Weir, sports editor and columnist at the beloved Daily Mississippian.

On this week’s ‘sode, Grayson gives a peek behind the proverbial curtain as to what goes into his every day life balancing the work of a full-time student, a sports editor and columnist, and the newfound horizons of finding out what alcohol is. Grayson just now turned 21-years young, so he is learning a whole new world. But, as you listen, you’ll find out he is a quick study.

We also discuss press box food, his favorite and least favorite media members, why he chose to attend Ole Miss, and of course we put him on the RED CUP RED HOT SEAT for the trademark lightning round.