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D.K. Metcalf went up and over a Vandy defender to make a HELMET CATCH

Y’all remember Tyrone Prothro? Metcalf just did that to Vanderbilt.

Vanderbilt is currently making Ole Miss look like a competent football team. The Rebs have earned two turnovers, made multiple sacks, and the run game is actually moving forward.

Things are going so bad for Vanderbilt, in fact, that five-star wideout D.K. Metcalf is able to haul in Shea Patterson passes OFF ANOTHER MAN’S HEAD. Look at this tremendous catch:

Metcalf’s utterly disrespectful disregard for his defender manifests itself in the form of reaching both arms out around him, locking in the ball, and bear hugging that sucker onto the back of the player’s helmet. He then has the wherewithal to maintain possession through his fall to the ground. That poor DB has no idea what’s going on around him.

That feat holds shades of Alabama’s Tyrone Prothro’s similar feat -- though for greater distance and resulting in a touchdown — against Southern Miss all the way back in 2005. Here’s that catch:

That’s some great company to find yourself in, D.K. Keep doing things like this.