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Your Ole Miss-Vanderbilt Khaki Bowl OPEN THREAD

Come talk, mingle, and despair.

That girl up there is gyrating around to probably my favorite song by my favorite Beatle. Just above Ringo sits McCartney, then head and shoulders above them are Harrison and ultimately Lennon. Lennon was the most creative, the most artistic, but Harrison was the most mechanically and technically sound of the bunch.

“What is life?” seems an appropriate thing to be asking ourselves at this point in Ole Miss’ football season, seeing as to date the Rebs would appear to have regressed from last year’s miserable effort. One question that’s crept slowly back into our digital newsroom concerns Shea Patterson’s future in Oxford: if things get bad enough, and if the NCAA hands down another bowl ban on top of the one Ole Miss self-imposed, does Shea bolt? What could drive him away? What, in any case, is life?

I’ll be around here and there throughout the game. I’m also writing the recap, did the preview this morning, this open thread, and I’m copy-editing for dot com 9-5. You know, just a lazy little Saturday.