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Podcast Rebellion: Everything you need to know about National Signing Day 2017

Whiskey Wednesday joins the show to discuss what ‘croots Ole Miss hopes to land between now and next Wednesday.

This year’s Signing Day has a much different feel than last year’s, which saw the Rebels finish with a flurry of big-splash signees and close out a top-10 class. This year, Ole Miss will be lucky to crack the top 30, but the new-look staff has nevertheless done a nice job salvaging a decent group despite the NCAA investigation.

On this week’s episode, Whiskey Wednesday joins us as we discuss which commits Ole Miss has to close out and which targets the Rebels still have a chance to land. We also take a look at who will be on campus for this weekend’s down-scaled Crootapalooza.

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Here are some ‘crootin themes we discuss:

  • If there was no NCAA investigation, who would be in this class?
  • What are Ole Miss’ chances at reeling Willie Gay back in?
  • Will D.D. Bowie end up flipping to State?
  • Can the Rebels sign another top-rated receiver?
  • Is Freeze under-recruiting defensive linemen and cornerbacks?
  • Who will be the surprise signing in this class?