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A Memphis LB bragged about giving Robert Nkemdiche a concussion

Jackson Dillon just threw up some bulletin board material ahead of Saturday night’s game.

NCAA Football: Mississippi at Memphis Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

The Ole Miss-Memphis game has not lacked for storylines and drama the last two seasons. In 2014, Gary Wunderlich was ejected for throwing a phantom punch, and in 2015, Robert Nkemdiche had to leave the game after suffering a concussion on a goal-line handoff play.

That’s Jackson Dillon (No. 34) flying in and laying down a vicious, but legal, helmet-to-helmet hit after three of his teammates have gang-tackled Nkemdiche toward the ground. Let’s see how Dillon remembers the play.

Great stuff, bud. Good thing you were there to tag a player once your teammates stopped his forward progress. It’s not like a Memphis newspaper already pulled this stupidity a year ago and was roundly condemned for it.

Whatever. Dillon has since walked back his original tweet.

Anyway, while we’re here, let’s do some scouting on where Dillon will be lining up against Ole Miss’ high-powered offense Saturday night.