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If you were at the Ole Miss-UGA game, you’re probably in this photo

Someone used a super fancy camera to take a photo of everyone in the Vaught. Some of you are hilarious.

Ole Miss Athletics

In what’s become an annual occurrence, someone walked out to midfield this past Saturday, plopped down a gigapixel camera and took a 360 degree panorama of the Vaught-Hemingway crowd.

You can take a look at the interactive image on the Ole Miss athletics page. We’ve already done that, and found that some of you are very entertaining.

When it’s hot as hell but you’re still excited about the US of A.

When you just watched the end of Vice Principals.

When you’re everyone’s new favorite tag-team wrestling duo.

When you’re a private investigator who had to cut your fishing trip short to attend a football game.

When you realize this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to launch your modeling career.

When someone in the squad fires off a great tweet.