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College football rankings: Ole Miss jumps to No. 16 after beating Georgia

The Rebels are the highest ranked 2-2 team right now.

Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

After a healthy blowout of formerly No. 12 Georgia, Ole Miss has catapulted up the Week 4 rankings from No. 23 to No. 16 in the AP Top 25. The Coaches Poll was equally generous, as the Rebels moved from No. 21 to No. 17. Though sporting a 2-2 record thus far in the season, wild losses to Florida State and juggernaut Alabama and a 45-14 thrashing of Georgia still hold the Rebs in high esteem among college football voters.

The Rebs' leapfrog in Week 4 was of course aided by Florida, Arkansas and Michigan State losing to ranked opponents. Florida's second-half meltdown at Tennessee knocked the Gators down to No. 23, while the Vols' stock climbed to No. 11 in the AP poll. Texas A&M's romp over Arky only moved the Aggies one spot forward to No. 9, and certain key injuries have many in College Station worried about TAMU's staying power in the top 10.

It should also be pointed out here that Georgia tumbled from No. 12 to No. 25 in the AP Top 25, which leaves one to wonder how many more points Ole Miss should have scored to flush them out of the top 25. Two more touchdowns? Maybe four?

Outside the SEC, No. 8 Wisconsin and No. 13 Baylor gained ground after conspicuous wins in Week 4, with the Badgers bagging the most convincing upset out of all teams not named the Ole Miss Rebels.

Below are the current AP and Coaches polls and each team's S&P+ rating as of Week 4.

AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Ohio State
2 Ohio State Ohio State Michigan
3 Louisville Clemson Alabama
4 Michigan Louisville Louisville
5 Clemson Michigan Clemson
6 Houston Stanford Miami
7 Stanford Houston Florida
8 Wisconsin (11) Wisconsin (10) Ole Miss
9 Texas A&M (10) Washington Stanford
10 Washington (9) Texas A&M (13) Texas A&M
11 Tennessee (14) Tennessee (12) Washington
12 Florida State (13) Florida State (14) Baylor
13 Baylor (16) Baylor (15) Florida State
14 Miami (15) Miami (19) Virginia Tech
15 Nebraska (20) Nebraska (20) Tennessee
16 Ole Miss (23) Michigan State (8) Wisconsin
17 Michigan State (8) Ole Miss (21) Wisconsin
18 Utah (24) Utah 23) Boise State
19 SDSU (22) TCU (21) LSU
20 Arkansas (17) Georgia (11) Oregon
21 TCU (NR) Florida (16) Oklahoma
22 Texas (21) Arkansas (18) TCU
23 Florida (19) North Carolina (27) Nebraska
24 Boise State (NR) SDSU (28) Toledo
25 Georgia (12) Texas (24) Memphis