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Evan Engram teased his sister—who plays bball at UGA—by celebrating a TD with a jump shot

Evan Engram, who’s been the most productive tight end in the country through the first month of the 2016 season, added to his impressive stat sheet by pulling down a 9-yard touchdown pass from Chad Kelly during Ole Miss’ beatdown of Georgia on Saturday. It was a redemptive moment for the Peach State native, who was passed over by UGA as a three-star recruit out of Powder Springs. But it also gave him a chance to poke some fun at his little sister.

Ya see, Evan’s sis, Mackenzie, plays hoops for UGA, and it sounds like they have a bit of a rivalry on the hardwood.

"She can’t beat me one-on-one," Evan told Online Athens last week. "On the court, she’s never beat me. If you talk to her, she’s going to lie but she’s never beaten me. But she has beaten me in Horse or Pig. She has a better jump shot than me. I’ll give her that."

"He’s just so big so it’s kind of hard to score on him," Mackenzie said. "Skill-wise, I’m definitely better."

Mackenzie shot 44 percent from the field and 36 percent from beyond the arc as a freshman in 2014-15, but those numbers dropped to 38 percent and 27 percent last season.