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College football picks, Week 4: Ole Miss will cover against Georgia

The RCR staff loves Ole Miss to cover against UGA and LSU to win on the Plains.

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Call it blatant homerism or Georgia's sloppy showing against a hapless Mizzou team last week, but we here at Red Cup are big on Ole Miss' chances to cover the touchdown spread against the Bulldogs in Oxford this weekend. The Landsharks will face yet another frosh QB in Jacob Eason, who went 29-for-55 for 308 yards against Mizzou last weekend. If Ole Miss can avoid turning the ball over FIVE times like the Tigers did, we (as well as most of the college football contributors at SB Nation) feel pretty great about the Rebs winning by double digits.

In the Tiger vs. Tiger bowl, we are one short of all in on the Bayou Bengals covering the 3.5-point spread, officially making Gus Malzahn's bus driver's seat hotter and stankier than a picked over armadillo carcass on a Mississippi two-lane blacktop highway. I'd much rather see Malzahn ousted than Les Miles so we can keep the Mad Hatter in the SEC as long as possible.

We are relatively split on the other SEC West match between Arkansas and Texas A&M. I personally think it's still too early to tell how good either of these teams are, as their victories over ranked opponents (TCU and UCLA) came in overtime. If one beats the other by more than 14 points, color me scared to travel to either Fayetteville or College Station.

As for the SEC East, most of us are in on Florida covering against (maybe outright beating?) Tennessee in Neyland Stadium but are split on Sakerlina, Kentucky and Vanderbilt to do anything remotely close to being labeled as competitive football. Somebody has to win the East though!

My upset special of the week is Clemson at Georgia Tech in the the kooky madooky Thursday night bout. Clemson has looked like they expected their playoff spot to be guaranteed heading into the season, showing no sign of dominating inferior teams in Auburn and Troy. Wreck 'em Tech!

Week 4 picks

Week 4 picks

Last week

WELP! Last week's lineup had some CRAAAZY outcomes as well as some last minute back door covers that always throw Vegas for a loop. Hardly anyone saw Louisville dismantling Florida State or Cal's "PAC-12 After Dark" defeat of Texas coming. As the many sports gods talking heads say, the games don't play out on paper!

I hope that one person who bet the barn on Mississippi State covering the 16 points is elated the late comeback the Bulldogs pulled out against LSU—the Tigers led 23-6 until the Bulldogs rallied to make the final score 23-20. Speaking of back-door covers, Ole Miss relieved some of the wagering faithful with a couple of late touchdowns to creep within the 10 point spread, all the while causing regret in some fans (myself included) who left the game a tad bit too early.

Because last week's Oregon-Nebraska game ended in a push, these are the current standings among the Cuppers after one week of picks (remember, we started late):

7-2 (78%): Juco, Jeff, Gray H.

6-3 (67%): Will, Zach

5-4 (56%): Ghost, TwoYards, Whiskey

4-5 (44%): Smeargle, Alex

2-7 (22%): Borkey

As you can see, most of us broke near or above even. Mr. Podcast Borkey himself only managed to hit on two of the games that were unanimous picks in the Ohio State-Oklahoma and USC-Stanford games. Here's hoping he can crawl back out of the basement this week.