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Podcast Rebellion: What went wrong for Ole Miss against Alabama?

Zach Berry and Gray Hardison break down the second time Ole Miss has blown a huge lead in 2016, this time at the hands of the Alabama Crimson Tide.

On Saturday we saw Ole Miss jump out to a huge lead over another top-five program. For the second time in three weeks, the Rebs watched a three-touchdown lead evaporate in the second half against Alabama on Saturday.

Chad Kelly was cooking, the Ole Miss defense were finding their stride and the Tide were on the proverbial ropes. Then, a penalty, bad kickoff and a quick touchdown drive turned things around for Alabama. After a punt return for a touchdown, the Rebs' 21-point lead had been reduced to only seven. The third quarter, well, it was dogshit.

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Gray joins Zach to talk about what all went wrong, what went right and how the Rebs can fix it before welcoming in No. 12 Georgia and yet another freshman quarterback. Listen in as the fellas make due without Borkey's fancy studio.

Topics we're talmbout:

  • Does anyone know why Ole Miss doesn't throw it 45+ times a game?
  • What youngster stood out to you on Saturday?
  • How good can this team be for the remaining nine games?
  • Can Hugh Freeze release his stranglehold on the playcalling?
  • When did you start to think things were going off the rails on Saturday?
  • What is your prediction for the UGA game?
EDITOR'S NOTE: Apologies for the technical difficulties. You can blame Michael Borkey smh at him ugh dammit