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Ole Miss football 2016: Rebs drop to No. 23 in AP top 25 after Week 3 loss

The Rebels are still hanging around the bottom half of the top 25.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Mississippi Matt Bush-USA TODAY Sports

The AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll updates were released Sunday afternoon, and Ole Miss’ raucous 48-43 loss to Alabama dropped the Rebs into the final five spots in both rankings. At No. 22 in the Coaches and No. 23 in the AP, it seems voters still like Ole Miss’ explosiveness and penchant for big plays.

The polls’ confidence in the Rebs should bolster fans’ confidence that now is not the time to panic over Ole Miss’ 1-2 start. The offense does many things very well, if the defense has been lackluster for broad stretches. The Rebs fought Bama tooth-and-nail to the wire on Saturday, which can’t be said for, say, Florida State or Oklahoma. FSU in fact nosedived 11 spots down to No. 13 in the AP after taking a 63-20 thrashing at the hands of No. 3 Louisville.

Ole Miss’ next opponent Georgia inexplicably jumped up four spots in the AP to No. 12, despite a near-embarrassing loss to Mizzou in Week 3. Arkansas gained seven spots and currently sits at No. 17, while Oklahoma’s big fail against No. 2 Ohio State cast them down to No. 25.

Below are the current AP and Coaches polls and each team's S&P+ ranking as of Week 3.

AP (Previous) Coaches (Previous) S&P+
1 Alabama Alabama Michigan
2 Ohio State (3) Ohio State (4) Alabama
3 Louisville (10) Clemson (3) LSU
4 Michigan Louisville (10) Washington
5 Clemson Michigan Ohio State
6 Houston Stanford Clemson
7 Stanford Houston Oklahoma
8 Michigan State (12) Michigan State Louisville
9 Washington (8) Washington Florida
10 Texas A&M (17) Wisconsin (12) Florida State
11 Wisconsin (9) Georgia (13) Ole Miss
12 Georgia (16) Tennessee (15) Stanford
13 Florida State (2) Texas A&M (20) Tennessee
14 Tennessee (15) Florida State (2) Baylor
15 Miami (25) Baylor (19) Miami
16 Baylor (21) Florida (23) USC
17 Arkansas (24) LSU (22) Oregon
18 LSU (20) Arkansas (24) UCLA
19 Florida (23) Miami (25) Texas A&M
20 Nebraska (NR) Nebraska (NR) Wisconsin
21 Texas (11) (tie) TCU (NR) Notre Dame
22 San Diego State (NR) (tie) Ole Miss (17) Auburn
23 Ole Miss (19) Utah (NR) TCU
24 Utah (NR) Texas (16) Virginia Tech
25 Oklahoma (14) Iowa (11) Oklahoma State