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Podcast Rebellion: Jalen Hurts could be the difference maker against Ole Miss

247Sports and Bama Online writer Charlie Potter joins the 'cast to break down what could end up being the deciding game for the SEC West.

Well, it took long enough to get here. The Crimson Tide (2-0) will stroll into Oxford, Miss. on Saturday for a game that will set the tone for the Rebels' (1-1) season. On this week's preview 'cast, we're joined by the Bama Online beat reporter Charlie Potter to discuss the chances of Ole Miss making it three in a row against the Tide.

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We dive into the chess match between the Landshark defense and the true freshman quarterback, the mindset of the Crimson Tide trying to break a two-game losing streak and why Lane Kiffin still has to sit at the kid's table during media opportunities. We also get Charlie's take on Bama's new look defense and how they plan to try and stop slow down Chad Kelly and WRU.