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Whisky with Wes: An adventure in Jackson ends with Macallan 18

As all adventures should.

Scotch and cigars

This week’s post is a little bit different. I’ll be reviewing both a whisky—a Macallan 18-year-old, to be precise—and a cigar I enjoyed while sitting at a Jackson restaurant mulling over how I was going to get an 8’x’5 framed poster from the early 1900s up to Oxford. Before I start my review, I have to tell you how I ended up in a Jackson restaurant mulling over how I was going to get an 8’x’5 framed poster from the early 1900s up to Oxford.

When The Reaper calls you and asks you to go somewhere, you don’t argue or second guess—you just go. So when I heard his voice on the other end of the line asking me if I wanted to help him bring a poster up from Jackson, I unequivocally answered in the affirmative.

The Reaper picked me up in his mother-in-law’s minivan because it was supposedly big enough carry this massive poster. After arriving at the framers in Jackson, however, we discovered that the minivan was a foot shorter in width and three feet shorter in length that it needed to be (we thought The Reaper’s father-in-law had already measured—apparently not). While we were trying to sort through this problem, we decided to seek out some refreshments.

We started at the The Manship, which has hands down the best bourbon selection in Mississippi. If you ever go, I recommend the Eagle Rare 17 spring 2001, or any Lincoln Road pick Willet. I also recommend the E.H. Taylor Cure Oak, Seasoned Wood, or really anything from E.H.T. After the duck wings (get the duck wings), we decided that we would go to the Library at the Fairview Inn for a cocktail. The Library has some great cocktails and I usually ask them to use bourbon instead of gin or vodka in all of their drinks that don’t typically use whiskey, which they are happy to oblige. Having finished my drink, I looked at The Reaper and inquired, “Cigar?” He nodded and we promptly left for the Havana Tranquility, where we purchased a couple of Davidoff cigars. We then called several places to try and find somewhere we could have a cigar while we had a cocktail. There was only one: Tico’s Steakhous, which has a patio, serves food anywhere, serves drinks anywhere, and lets you enjoy a cigar outside.

We ended up renting a 17-foot Uhaul to transport the poster. I drove the minivan to Tico’s and left The Reaper to drive the Uhaul. I beat The Reaper to Tico’s, so I went inside order a Macallan 18-year and hit the porch. I lit up my Davidoff series Double R and sat quietly outside enjoying life for about 45 minutes waiting for my bro. The Reaper’s phone had died and he had no clue where Tico’s was, so he asked about three gas stations until he finally found me. When he found me, it was on. He immediately lit his Davidoff Churchill LE cigar and ordered a Macallan 18. We ordered a stuffed mushrooms for an appetizer, and for dinner a bone-in ribeye, spinach and asparagus. With each puff of the cigar pairing perfectly with the Scotch, we reveled in our victory over Monday.

Steak and scotch

The Scotch: Macallan 18 year old

Color: a tobacco brown, the color is flawless, this Scotch is clean and smooth looking. This scotch looks like the whisky I always want.

Aroma: bright fruit, little smokey, toasted bread and some caramel. This Scotch smells fantastic and is waiting for me to devour it.

Palate: I immediately get some smokey peaty flavors, but not over powering, just enough to make me know it is scotch and it is good scotch. Dark cherry, a little cocoa, dried apricots. Smooth caramel tastes. This thing is pairing well with my Davidoff and steak.

The cigar: Davidoff Series Double R

Size: double corona, a little longer than a churchill size

Construciton: this cigar has a very smooth Colorado Claro wrapper, flawless with very little veins. This thing is crafted masterfully.

Pull: the dry pull is smooth and easy with a tingling spicy note on the lips

Flavor: cedar and hay, this cigar is very complex with loads of flavors. There is a toasted hazelnut and white pepper tone. This cigar is pleasant and easy smoking. Light yet complex. This is a great cigar for beginners and an even better one if you’ve been around the block cigar wise. Hints of vanilla

In conclusion, I would like to say I was blown away by the cigar and the whisky as well as the incredible service at Tico’s. The staff was super friendly and came to check on us often and even what appeared to be the owner asked us if we needed anything 10 minutes after the manager checked in on us. The service we got at this place was unlike any other and the food was incredible. Good Whisky, Cigars, Service, and Fellowship is all a man can ask for in the world and I got all of that in Jackson, Mississippi.

P.S. The minivan had a windshield wiper malfunction on the way home during a thunderstorm, so we were forced to ditch it at The Nissan employee parking lot. I jumped into the Uhaul with The Reaper and had some wine on the way home.