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Podcast Rebellion 2.16: Will Auburn be the SEC's worst team in 2016?

Let’s talk about bad SEC teams, Bob's Burgers villains, Ole Miss fall camp story lines and Hugh Freeze's impending prison sentence.

Borkey is enjoying the Y'all Lifestyle at an undisclosed location, but have no fear: Ghost joins me to talk about Bill Connelly's breakdown of Auburn. The Tigers have struggled lately and seem to squander the elite talent they routinely bring in through recruiting, something that has Gus Malzahn’s seat heating up on the Plains.

Who else is in the running for the SEC’s worst team? Kevin Sumlin’s own seat is getting hot in College Station, Kentucky is trying to keep Mark Stoops employed, South Carolina begins the Puncho Era and Vandy is trying to find some semblance of offense that can compliment its talented defense.

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And we hate that we missed it, but this Twitter question that showed up post-production is too good to pass up:

Yes. It would be named the "Gouda Catch 'Em All Burger". And at that point, Bob could accomplish anything.

Other topics we were talmbout:

  • Which Olympic sport would you want to be great at?
  • Can you explain why USA is so good at swimming?
  • Who is your favorite Bob's Burgers character?
  • Whose seat is hotter: Gus Malzahn or Kevin Sumlin?
  • When will Tennessee's season fall apart?
  • How do you live with yourself as an Ole Miss fan who is just a cheetin bear?