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4-star DB Todd Harris trolled everyone by holding a fake commitment ceremony

The No. 7 safety in the country committed to... his high school?

Four-star croot Todd Harris stirred up Twitter on Sunday when he made the surprise announcement that he'd be holding an impromptu commitment ceremony at his high school in Plaquemine, La. This was a big deal because 1) he's the No. 7 safety prospect in the country and 2) he's deciding between three SEC West powers: Ole Miss, Bama and LSU. The in-state Tigers had long been thought of as a heavy favorite, but Nick Saban shook things up when he came swooping in with an offer earlier this month.

All three hats were on the table when Harris took the podium on Sunday afternoon.

And then he did... this:

In case you can't make out what's happening, that's Harris saying that he's "committed to Plaquemine" and revealing his high school jersey.

As you can imagine, Twitter Morality PD—led by lead investigator Dan Wolken—responded to the scene quickly, charging Harris with selfishness, attention-whoring and disrespect of The Media.

Yea, yea, yea it was dumb and immature. But hey, the dude's in high school. And you have to give him some props for pledging to tune out the distractions of the crootin process and focus on his team during his senior year. The only way there's a victim to this thing is if some local media made the drive over to see this. But Harris tweeted about the supposed announcement just an hour before it happened, so it's not like anyone drove across the state for this thing.

In fact, the whole thing was apparently his coach's idea.

"Look, it was my idea," Plaquemine head coach Paul Distefano told The Advocate. "Please, I don't want anybody taking shots at Todd, because I asked him to do it and he agreed. There's so much going on with social media and recruiting. It can overshadow everything. Our deal was this: We want our guys to understand how fortunate they are to go to a school like Plaquemine High, where they have opportunities academically and athletically.

"Todd is very committed to Plaquemine High and always has been. Today was just a way to show that as we get focused on our season."

In any event, he's probably going to Bama or LSU, so we don't mind if he trolls them for a bit.