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Podcast Rebellion 2.14: Would a Hugh Freeze suspension be worse than a postseason ban?

For those that want to hear about actual football stuff, we're also TALKIN BOUT THE NOLES.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not Hugh Freeze deserves to be suspended for his role in the allegations against Ole Miss. Despite most of the alleged wrongdoing against the Rebs, folks have never really considered the head coach sitting out a couple games as a legit punishment. That's now a possibility.

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On this episode, Borkberry is joined by The Ghost of Jay Cutler to discuss which would be worse: losing Hugh Freeze for any number of games or a postseason ban. The fellas go in-depth on the two separate issues and how it would affect the program, the players, the fans and recruiting. They also talk about the recent arrest of freshman defensive end Charles Wiley and how that will affect the Rush Men's depth heading into a monster opening game against THEM DAGGUM NOLES.

Other important topics we yelled about:

  • If Charles Wiley is suspended, who will step up for Fadol Brown?
  • Can FSU RB Dalvin Cook beat the Rebs by himself?
  • Is FSU QB Sean Maguire good enough to win a shootout against Chad Kelly?
  • Do you even know what conference Colorado is in?
  • Now that the Vaught has huge speakers, what music do you want to hear in 2016?
  • How often do you say "roll tide" when there's a lull in the conversation?