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We used Prisma to turn great moments in Ole Miss history into art

Behold the work of the great artistic masters.

We here at Red Cup Rebellion love mobile devices, applications (or "apps" for short), and mobile devices with apps. If you've spent just a fleeting amount of time on Twitter or Instagram in the last seven days, you've undoubtedly run across pictures that appear shot through artsy-ish filters resembling the various aesthetic qualities of Heisenberg, Van Gogh, Picasso and others.

Meet Prisma, which "transforms your photos into works of art using the styles of famous artists." The point of Prisma, beyond enhancing your selfies and food pics, is much like Twitter's, in that there is really no point to it at all.

And yet, our friend EveryMStateTweetEver seems to have discovered the real point of Prisma, and that's for memorializing significant events in the history of Ole Miss sports.

Somebody hang that in the University of Mississippi Museum, please. But Dak's Face-plant on a Mississippi Night got us thinking: what other prized moments from Rebel sports history should hang in the Panthéon des Ours? For your viewing pleasure, then, flip through our gallery of Rebel sports history as presented by the app Prisma.

Worked up a great masterpiece of your own? Drop it in the comments.