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Podcast Rebellion 2.13: Tales from SEC Media Days

After a week embedded with the Bama hordes, Borkey shares his adventures in Hoover.

On assignment from his, ya know, actual job, Borkey spent most of last week in Hoover for SEC Media Days. He brings us thrilling and exotic stories of indigenous, crimson-clad hordes, Dan Wolken clutching rare jewels and a hated leader named Freeze sitting upon a throne of lies.

The fellas also discuss what newlywed life is like and how it has changed Berry's life for the better.

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Other important topics discussed:
  • Was Hugh Freeze's performance at SEC Media Days enough to get folks to put their pitchforks down?
  • What age do you have to be to not dance all night at a wedding?
  • Do you still remember the Soulja Boy dance?
  • Who will be the next team to join the Big 12?
  • Has Houston done enough to earn a spot in a Power 5 conference?
  • Will Memphis be able to get over the hurdle of having a shitty, off-campus stadium?
  • What matters more: geographical footprint or money?