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Podcast Rebellion 2.12: Dan Mullen would like a do-over at Media Days

Berry is joined by Gray Hardison and Gridiron Now's Alex McDaniel to discuss Dan Mullen's awful responses to Jeffrey Simmons questions, Kevin Sumlin's hot seat and why Bret Bielema needs a talk show at a dog track in West Memphis.

Having already botched one opportunity to defend its decision to suspend five-star recruit Jeffery Simmons just one game for repeatedly punching a prone woman, State continued to be utterly tone deaf on the subject when Dan Mullen took the podium in Hoover on Tuesday. From our own Jim Lohmar, who put together a quality summary and analysis of Mullen's misguided ramblings.

One would've thought -- and certainly Mississippi State fans should've hoped -- that Mullen could've spoken frankly and honestly about the university's decision to admit Simmons in the first place and the football team's decision to suspend him just one game in the second. He did not.

With Borkey busy covering the goings on in Hoover, Alex McDaniel and Gray Hardison join the podcast to discuss Mullen's horrendous press conference and other goings-on at SEC Media Days.

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Other stuff we're talmbout:

  • Can Kirby Smart break 10 player arrests by opening weekend?
  • How likely is it that Will Muschamp wears Curry Two Lows to Media Days?
  • Would you watch a late night talk show with Bert?
  • Does any of this really matter since Ole Piss is cheating?