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Podcast Rebellion 2.7: How bad will the MLB Draft hurt Ole Miss baseball?

The draft starts this weekend and there are plenty of current and future Rebs that have invested interest. Who will go and who will stay? Borkberry also talmbout Jim Harbaugh and his satellite camp in Mississippi and how he's a big baby.

With the 2016 season finally over, the Rebel baseball team turns their attention to this weekend'd MLB Draft. Most of the big names like J.B. Woodman, Errol Robinson and Colby Bortles are more than likely gone. But, then you have some like Tate Blackman, Chad Smith, Brady Bramlett and Wyatt Short who could take the money and run or could return to Oxford for another year.

Borkberry run through the list of prospective pro Rebs and the chances of them leaving. Then, they take a look at the Rebs' top 10 signing class and who the draft risk prospects are. Will they show to campus or will their "number" be reached by pro teams and they never arrive in Oxford?

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The fellas also discuss Jim Harbaugh's most recent satellite camp in Pearl, Miss. and how much of a whiny baby he is. Does anyone actually think this dude does this for the betterment of the kids? Hell no.