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Ole Miss is serving specialty hot dogs for each team in the regional. We ranked them.

Of course we're going to rank these sandwiches smh.

The Oxford Regional starts today so naturally Swayze Field will be serving specialty hot dogs for each of the participants.

So, like all things in life, we felt it was necessary to rank these delectable sandwiches. Here are the final rankings. Feel free to voice your disdain in the comments below but DO NOT AT ME.

1. Tulane hot dog

tulane dog

INGREDIENTS: red beans and rice, comeback sauce and crawfish

This was easy. Mud bugs and some creamy chili sauce. Can't beat it. Although, one gripe here is that comeback sauce is from Central Mississippi smh @ y'all.

2. Ole Miss hot dog

ole miss dog

INGREDIENTS: Chops barbecue with cheddar cheese and jalapeno

Ole Miss is No. 1 on the field, obviously, but this sandwich was narrowly defeated by the Tulane sandwich. BBQ and jalapenos are a lethal combination and when you add in some cheddar, it is something out of this world. Simple yet delicious.

3. Boston College hot dog

bc dog

INGREDIENTS: Boston baked beans, bacon, onions and cheese

The bottom of our power rankings was a tough call but it's very hard to put anything with bacon last. A chili sandwich is classic and a staple at ballparks. Now, when you add in some cured pig strips AND cheese, you got yourself one fine sandwich.

4. Utah hot dog

utah dog

INGREDIENTS: Funeral potato hash with fry sauce

Finishing last once again (c'mon Utes get it together with the food smh) is a sandwich with double the carbs. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some hash browns (shout out to my fam at The Beacon) but this just sounds like a drag. Why would I want funeral potatoes when I'm trying to enjoy a baseball game? It does get some points for tossing some potato chips and Big Mac sauce on there.


Before plopping down into your Grove chair and cracking open that first cold water sandwich, be sure to head to the concourse and try out one of Ole Miss Baseball's specialty sandwiches. Because let's be honest, by the 6th inning, all four are gonna look delicious.