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Podcast Rebellion 2.8: Is your college football fandom year-round or seasonal?

Borkberry welcome in our Gator expert and Floridian correspondent Alex McDaniel to discuss college football fans and their weirdness. They also talmbout the opener against Florida State, trains with Jack and who is the x-factor for Ole Miss.

On this week's episode we tackle a lot of important topics. With the help of Gridiron Now's Alex McDaniel, the squad talks about college football fandom, the opening game against Florida State and a new commit the Rebs got. They also briefly discuss trains with our train expert, Jack.

Alex fills us in on what some of Florida State's fans think about the Rebs and opening weekend. Borkey informs us about some absurd over/under win total that some jackass released to the public begging folks to take the over and we briefly discuss Lavante Epson's commitment to Ole Miss.

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Are we all weird for taking college football too serious? Is there an actual off switch? Do we need to see a doctor? You be the judge in the comments. We all think this is fine. And you are great.