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The NCAA would be terrible on The Price is Right

Can you price services and benefits as poorly as an NCAA investigator? Play this quiz to find out!

During the joint investigation with the NCAA into violations committed by the football, women's basketball and track and field programs, Ole Miss spent some $1.5 million on outside legal counsel. Comparatively, the $16,450 in impermissible benefits turned up during the investigation seems pretty paltry. They found no Cam Newton-level pay-for-play agreements, no six-figure dealings through shadowy bag men. They found a bunch of free flights, some nice dinners and a $500 deposit in a hastily-opened Walmart checking account.

But even that $16,450 price tag is a bit high. That's because, as it turns out, the NCAA has no fucking clue how to estimate cost for benefits and services that don't come stamped with a price tag. Some of the benefits are clear-cut: like calling up a hotel and asking how much a room costs for three nights. Others, like getting a lift down the road or crashing at a private residence, required the NCAA to guestimate.

The results were, uh, interesting.

Play our fun quiz to find out if you price like an NCAA investigator!