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College baseball composite top 25, Week 12: The West Coast is still awful

UC Santa Barbara's ugly loss to a 200-plus RPI team leaves Washington and Arizona as the only ranked teams west of Texas.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

If you follow college baseball, you likely know that power is historically distributed between the West Coast and the Southeast. If you've been following college baseball in 2016, you know that the West Coast is hot garbage.

With the Pac-12 down and the region's typically robust mid-major crop struggling, it's within the realm of possibility that there are no regional host sites west of Texas come NCAA Tournament time. UC Santa Barbara, the area's strongest host candidate coming into last weekend, went and dropped a series to UC Davis, a 15-26 team with an RPI rank of 215. That comes two weeks after Santa Barbara was swept by Cal Poly (currently ranked 91st in the RPI).

Santa Barbara drops completely out of the composite top 25, leaving Arizona and Washington as the only ranked teams on the West Coast. Arizona swept Oregon State over the weekend but the Wildcats are an uninspiring 14-10 in the Pac-12 and in third place behind Washington and Utah. Washington, which knocked off USC over the weekend and has won 14 of its last 20 games, is still down at 35 in the RPI and has a non-conference strength of schedule ranked 116th.

Meanwhile, 13 of this week's top 25 come from the SEC and ACC.

Note: RPI does not factor into the composite top 25 rankings. It's just there for reference.

Composite Record Avg. rank D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game RPI
1 Florida 40-8 1 1 Florida Florida Florida Florida
2 Texas A&M 37-10 2 2 Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas A&M Louisville
3 Mississippi State 33-14-1 3.33 3 Miami Mississippi State Mississippi State Miami
4 Miami 35-9 3.67 4 Mississippi State Miami Miami Texas A&M
5 Florida State 32-13 5.67 5 Florida State Texas Tech Florida State South Carolina
6 Louisville 38-10 7 6 Louisville Ole Miss Louisville NC State
7 Texas Tech 37-13 7.33 7 Texas Tech Florida State Vanderbilt Florida State
8 Ole Miss 36-13 7.67 8 Ole Miss South Carolina South Carolina Ole Miss
9 South Carolina 36-11 8.33 9 South Carolina Louisville Ole Miss Clemson
10 Vanderbilt 36-12 10 10 NC State TCU Texas Tech Vanderbilt
11 NC State 32-14 11.33 11 Vanderbilt LSU NC State Texas Tech
12 TCU 33-12 12 12 Virginia Vanderbilt TCU Mississippi State
13 Oklahoma State 30-15 15.67 13 Rice NC State Oklahoma State North Carolina
13 Rice 31-14 15.67 14 TCU Rice UNC Wilmington Coastal Carolina
15 Tulane 31-14 16 15 Tulane Virginia Tulane Georgia Tech
16 LSU 31-16 16.33 16 LSU Oklahoma State Michigan Virginia
17 Florida Atlantic 33-13 19 17 Washington Florida Atlantic Florida Atlantic LSU
17 Virginia 31-17 19 18 Oklahoma State Tulane Bryant Southern Miss
19 Arizona 31-16 22.33 19 Georgia Tech Southern Miss Southern Miss TCU
19 Washington 27-16 22.33 20 Coastal Carolina Washington Rice UC Santa Barbara
21 Southern Miss 34-14 22.67 21 ECU Arizona Coastal Carolina Louisiana-Lafayette
22 Coastal Carolina 34-14 23.67 22 Arizona Cal State Fullerton LSU Rice
23 UNC Wilmington 33-11 24.67 23 Florida Atlantic Clemson Clemson Michigan
24 Michigan 34-12 25.33 24 Oregon State UC Santa Barbara Arizona Arizona
24 Clemson 31-16 25.33 25 Minnesota Creighton UC Santa Barbara ECU

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