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SEC Baseball Tournament 2016: Bracket, schedule, scores and TV info

We'll be updating this throughout the week.

Josh McCoy/Ole Miss Athletics

How loaded is the SEC this season? Seven of the 12 teams playing in the conference tournament this week rank in the top 11 nationally. Seven in the top 11. The NCAA might as well cancel Omaha and move the College World Series to Hoover.

Remind me how this tournament works.

All of the games in the first round on Tuesday are single elimination, but the tourney switches to a double-elimination format after that. The top four seeds -- State, South Carolina, A&M and Florida -- get auto byes into the second round on Wednesday. Sitting at home are Auburn and Arkansas, which finished at the bottom of the conference. But hey, they can take inspiration from State, which became the first team to earn the No. 1 overall seed the year after missing the tournament.

What does Ole Miss need to do?

Typically, 40 overall wins and 18 conference wins makes you a lock to host a regional, and I'd have to think the Rebs earn that right even if they lose their first game against Georgia on Tuesday. But there are seven SEC teams deserving of host sites and the selection committee has never handed that many to a single conference. That could leave Ole Miss, LSU and Vandy competing for two spots. The Rebs are probably ahead of the other two in pecking order, but it'd be nice to win a couple games in Hoover just to be safe.

How can I watch these games?

SEC Network will broadcast every game except for Sunday's championship, which airs on ESPNU. You can also stream every game of the tourney at WatchESPN.

The bracket

Via SEC Network:

SEC Baseball Tournament bracket Day 5

The schedule

All times Central

Game 1: Vanderbilt 7, Missouri 0 (Missouri eliminated)
Game 2: Ole Miss 5, Georgia 1 (Georgia eliminated)
Game 3: Alabama 5, Kentucky 2 (Kentucky eliminated)
Game 4: LSU 5, Tennessee 4 (Tennessee eliminated)


Game 5: Vanderbilt 6, Texas A&M 5
Game 6: Ole Miss 10, South Carolina 4
Game 7: Mississippi State 5, Alabama 1
Game 8: LSU 5, Florida 3 (14 innings)


Game 9: Texas A&M 4, South Carolina 1 (South Carolina eliminated)
Game 10: Florida 5, Alabama 4 (Alabama eliminated)
Game 11: Ole Miss 12, Vanderbilt 9
Game 12: LSU 5, Mississippi State 2


Game 13: Texas A&M 13, Vanderbilt 3 (Vanderbilt eliminated)
Game 14: Florida 12, Mississippi State 2 (Mississippi State eliminated)


Game 15: Texas A&M 12, Ole Miss 8 (Ole Miss eliminated)
Game 16: Florida 1, LSU 0 (LSU eliminated)


SEC Championship: Texas A&M 12, Florida 5