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Podcast Rebellion 2.4: Will there be postseason baseball at Swayze Field?

Borkberry are back after a brief sabbatical to discuss all things Ole Miss baseball, SEC Baseball Tournament sites and of course crootin.

Well, the season came and it went. Seemed like yesterday when the Rebs were taking on Florida International and the first beer shower of the year was still glorious despite the cold suds raining down from the frigid sky. Fast forward to now and the Rebs are 36-13 and in the running to host a regional. As of now, the resume is impressive. Series wins over top 5 Louisville and top 15 LSU are the exclamation points for Mike Bianco's club. But, the Diamondbearz could really use a strong finish to solidify what we are all thinking. A series win over Kentucky just might seal a host spot. Can the Rebs do it?

Once the regular season is complete, the Rebs will embark on the metropolis that is Hoover, Alabama for the SEC Baseball Tournament. This is the Hoover Met's last hurrah, it's swan song if you will. After this season, the tourney will be held somewhere else. The assumed front runners at the moment are Memphis and Nashville. Borkberry break it all down from an aesthetic standpoint and how it will affect the fan bases. Which do you prefer?

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And finally, the boys discuss some crootin because what would Podcast Rebellion be without crootin? Hugh Freeze and Co. snagged two big-time commitments last week. Both on the defensive side of the ball. One was a huge coupe as Ole Miss was able to fend off the defending national champs and the other was plucked from an enemy's backyard. Listen in as you will get the scoop on what to expect from each one.

  • Is J.B. Woodman capable of carrying this team to a regional host?
  • What would need to happen in your opinion for Ole Miss to get a national seed?
  • If you have been to the SEC Baseball Tournament, what's your take?
  • Memphis or Nashville, who do you want?
  • If not those two sites, then who?
  • Who do you predict will be the next commitment for Hugh Freeze?