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College baseball composite top 25: Florida's back at No. 1 in Week 7

The Gators wrestled the top spot back from A&M with a weekend sweep, making one hell of a statement in the process.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

Florida's furlough from the No. 1 spot didn't last very long.

A week after Texas A&M leapfrogged the Gators in the composite rankings (the result of Florida's series loss to Kentucky), Kevin O'Sullivan's team bounced back for a clean sweep of the Aggies. Talk about a statement -- Florida won every game by at least three runs and handed A&M its first series loss of the season, dropping them to 4-5 in SEC play.

That opened the door for Mississippi State to take firm control of the SEC West. Clanga took two of three from previously No. 13 Ole Miss, getting complete games from Dakota Hudson and Austin Sexton on Friday and Saturday. State shot up to No. 6 and the Rebs, which have now lost five of their last six, somehow held steady at No. 13. More good news for Ole Miss: Louisville, who lost a series in Oxford earlier this season, is still hanging out in the top five.

Florida vs. A&M was actually one of three top-10 matchups over the weekend. Miami looks like a bona fide title contender after sweeping then-No. 7 North Carolina and Vandy took two of three from red-hot South Carolina.

Here are the updated rankings:

Composite Record Avg. rank D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game RPI
1 Florida 27-3 1 1 Florida Florida Florida Florida
2 Miami 23-4 2.33 2 Vanderbilt Miami Miami Miami
3 Vanderbilt 23-5 3.67 3 Miami Texas A&M Vanderbilt South Carolina
4 Louisville 23-5 4 4 Louisville Louisville Louisville Florida State
5 Texas AM 22-6 5 5 Mississippi State Mississippi State TCU Louisville
6 Mississippi State 20-8 6 6 Texas A&M Vanderbilt Texas A&M North Carolina
7 TCU 22-5 7.33 7 Oregon State TCU Cal Ole Miss
8 Oregon State 19-7 8.67 8 South Carolina South Carolina Mississippi State Clemson
9 South Carolina 24-5 9 9 Florida State Cal Oregon State Charleston
9 Cal 18-6 9 10 TCU Oregon State Florida State South Alabama
11 Florida State 19-6 10 11 Cal Florida State South Carolina UC Santa Barbara
12 North Carolina 20-7 12.67 12 Clemson UC Santa Barbara North Carolina Texas A&M
13 Ole Miss 21-7 15.33 13 North Carolina North Carolina NC State Southern Miss
14 Florida Atlantic 21-4 16.67 14 NC State Ole Miss Ole Miss Vanderbilt
15 UC Santa Barbara 20-6 17.33 15 LSU LSU Florida Atlantic TCU
16 Clemson 21-7 18.33 16 ECU Oklahoma State BYU Coastal Carolina
16 LSU 18-9 18.33 17 Florida Atlantic Michigan Oklahoma State Georgia Tech
18 Oklahoma State 19-9 18.67 18 Ole Miss Florida Atlantic Michigan Oklahoma State
19 NC State 19-9 19 19 UC Santa Barbara Kentucky Texas Tech BYU
20 Michigan 20-5 20 20 Long Beach State Long Beach State Coastal Carolina Rice
21 Texas Tech 20-8 21.33 21 Kentucky Clemson UC Santa Barbara LSU
22 ECU 19-9 22.67 22 Texas Tech ECU Clemson Florida Atlantic
23 Long Beach State 17-10 23.33 23 Oklahoma State Texas Tech Virginia NC State
23 Kentucky 20-8 23.33 24 College of Charleston Houston Houston Pittsburgh
25 Houston 17-10 26 25 Michigan Rice LSU Cal

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