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Laremy Tunsil drafted by Dolphins with No. 13 pick of 2016 NFL Draft

Tunsil plummeted and was the third offensive tackle off the board after a video of him ripping a bong was tweeted minutes before the draft began.

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Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Laremy Tunsil, once thought to be a shoe-in for the No. 1 overall pick, fell all the way to No. 13 to the Miami Dolphins.

The dream of going No. 1 vanished a couple weeks ago when the Titans traded away the top pick to the Rams, who moved up to grab quarterback Jared Goff. The Eagles, as expected, also went quarterback and the Chargers grabbing a defender at No. 3 was no surprise. But the real shock is that Tunsil was drafted behind Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley, who was picked up at No. 6 by the Ravens, and Jack Cocklin, who was grabbed at No. 8 by the Titans.

That probably has something to do with a video showing Tunsil ripping a bong that was tweeted just 10 minutes before the beginning of the draft. The video, which has since been deleted, was sent from Tunsil's own account. His agent told ESPN that the account was hacked.

Both Tunsil's agent and Hugh Freeze (who is in the Green Room with Tunsil) said they believed the video was old. That's backed up by this report by Ian Rapoport.

Bong tweets aside, Tunsil is arguably the most talented player in the entire draft. He is the archetype of an NFL left tackle: 6'5, 310 pounds with long, 34-inch arms capable of delivering a stop-you-in-your-tracks punch and feet far more nimble than any man his size has any business possessing.

He arrived in Oxford as the No. 1 offensive tackle of the 2013 'crootin class and almost immediately won the starting gig, hauling in Freshman All-American accolades in the process. He became the lynchpin in Hugh Freeze's high octane offense, building a wall behind the backs of first Bo Wallace, then Chad Kelly. During his sophomore and junior seasons, Tunsil allowed just three sacks and 12 hurries in 599 snapsaccording to Pro Football Focus. During Tunsil's NCAA suspension last season, Ole Miss averaged just 2.69 yards per carry against four Power 5 opponents. With Tunsil back, that jumped to 5.33 yards per carry against P5 teams.

Ah yes, the NCAA suspension. Here's the quick version: Tunsil and his stepdad got into a fight last summer (the stepdad allegedly pushed Tunsil's mom), they both filed charges against each other, charges were later dropped against both men, the stepdad started hollering to the media about improper benefits, the NCAA showed up, spent their sweet time investigating, found Tunsil got free use of a loaner car and some other relatively minor perks and shut him down for seven games. The stepdad filed a lawsuit against Tunsil earlier this week.