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Robert Nkemdiche has the strangest Twitter account in the 2016 NFL Draft

While most footballers stick to the everyday athletespeak, Big Rob's eccentric personality manifests itself in a uniquely strange and existential web presence.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Everyone's Twitter voice is peculiar in their own way, and the great majority of us do not require close scrutiny of our timelines. The same goes for most NFL draftees, who generally tweet the everyday athletespeak and hype media and daily motivationals you would come to expect form highly visible football prospects.

Cardale Jones' punchy Twitter presence is an exception to this rule, insofar as he genuinely appears to enjoy himself on social media. He aligns himself with #BlackLivesMatter, and will thoroughly trounce anyone brave enough to squawk "stick to sports."

For wildly different reasons, Robert Nkemdiche's Twitter life is equally fascinating. Big Rob is of course known as something of an existentialist, and this very sports blog pokes good-natured fun at Philosophizing Nkemdiche on occasion. Still, many of Nkemdiche's tweets are just too opaque and out there to gain real, semantic cogency from. Rob constantly concerns himself with the life of the mind, spirituality and mankind's place in the cosmos.


MAKES YOU THINK. Anyway, here's a list of Robert's 15 best tweets, since there's no telling what will happen to @TheLegendMerlin after he's drafted into the straight jacketing of professional football.

15. Strong agree

14. Not so strong agree

13. This is literally true


11. ...

10. Someone has read their Jung

9. I ... I don't know

8. Roommates are the worst

7. Dodecahedron

6. On the animal kingdom

5. You are reading matter right now

4. Gotta get these rhymes out

3. Do you, man

2. Same

1. This is, hands down, Robert Nkemdiche's best tweet