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Podcast Rebellion 2.2: Could Robert Nkemdiche end up in Dallas?

Tom Ryle from Blogging The Boys joins us to discuss the Cowboys' interest in Treadwell, Nkemdiche and Core. Then Alex McDaniel swings through to explain why Jim Harbaugh is the loser from your high school.

One team that has been eyeing a few Ole Miss prospects is the Dallas Cowboys. They've been linked to Robert Nkemdiche and Laquon Treadwell and recently hosted Cody Core. How likely is it that any of those guys actually end up in Big D? To find out, we brought in Tom Ryle from SB Nation's Cowboys site, Blogging the Boys.

Tom gives us his take on where Nkemdiche fits on Cowboys defensive line (he says they desperately need a physical specimen to replace DeMarcus Ware on the edge) and the possibility of pairing Treadwell with Dez Bryant.

Then we welcome in our resident mixologist, Alex McDaniel, to discuss talk about the satellite camp drama and Borkey's days as a high school linebacker.

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Other topics of conversation:

  • Will Nkemdiche move to defensive end in the NFL?
  • How scary would Dez and Laquon be for opposing defenses?
  • Could Cody Core last five-plus years in the league?
  • On a scale of 1-to-10, how much do you hate Jim Harbaugh?
  • What is your take on satellite camps?
  • How many games does the Ole Miss baseball team win in Tuscaloosa this weekend?