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College baseball composite top 25: Here comes Mississippi State

Clanga is all the way up to No. 2 after knocking off top-ranked Florida in Gainesville. That opened the door for a new No. 1: Miami.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

After the first weekend of the season, most folks were questioning Mississippi State's spot in the top 25. Clanga had opened the year by losing a tournament to Florida Atlantic (who we now know is pretty damn good -- the come in at No. 19 in these rankings). Boy, are they back on track. A week after knocking off Ole Miss in Starkville, State went down to Gainesville and took two of three from the top-ranked Gators. That has them all the way up at No. 2 in this week's composite rankings.

Florida's loss means we also have a change at the top spot. That goes to Miami, who has somewhat quietly dominated the ACC this season. Its latest feat was a two-game sweep of Notre Dame in a weather-shortened series. The Canes lead the conference at 11-2 and, more impressively, are 9-3 against other top 25 teams.

State isn't the only SEC team climbing back up the rankings. LSU jumped four spots up to No. 12 after winning the first two games of its series against then-No. 3 Vandy. Folks were writing the Tigers off after a tough stretch, but they're suddenly very much in the hunt for the SEC West title.

Elsewhere in the division, Ole Miss steadied itself with a clean sweep of Arkansas in Oxford. Worth noting is the fact that Southern Miss climbs into the composite rankings for the first time this season, setting up a rare top 25 midweek game in Oxford on Wednesday.

Note: RPI is not used to calculate the composite top 25.

Composite Record Avg. rank D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game RPI
1 Miami 25-4 1 1 Miami Miami Miami Florida
2 Mississippi State 23-9-1 2.33 2 Mississippi State Mississippi State Florida South Carolina
3 Florida 29-5 2.67 3 Florida Florida Mississippi State Miami
4 Texas A&M 25-7 4.67 4 Florida State Texas A&M Texas A&M Ole Miss
5 Florida State 22-8 5.33 5 Vanderbilt South Carolina TCU Florida State
6 South Carolina 28-5 7 6 Texas A&M Florida State Florida State Louisville
7 TCU 24-7 7.33 7 Oregon State TCU Vanderbilt UC Santa Barbara
8 Vanderbilt 25-7 8 8 South Carolina Ole Miss South Carolina Texas A&M
9 Oregon State 22-7 8.67 9 Louisville LSU Oregon State Clemson
10 Louisville 24-7 10 10 TCU Oregon State Louisville Vanderbilt
11 Ole Miss 25-7 10.67 11 LSU Louisville Ole Miss South Alabama
12 LSU 21-10 12.33 12 NC State Vanderbilt NC State Charleston
13 North Carolina 23-9 14 13 Ole Miss UC Santa Barabara North Carolina Texas Tech
14 Texas Tech 24-9 14.33 14 Texas Tech North Carolina Texas Tech Mississippi State
15 NC State 22-9 14.67 15 North Carolina Texas Tech Cal Southern Miss
16 Cal 19-9 16.33 16 Clemson Kentucky BYU NC State
17 UC Santa Barbara 21-7-1 17.33 17 Cal Cal LSU North Carolina
18 Kentucky 22-9 18.33 18 Kentucky Long Beach State Florida Atlantic Georgia Tech
19 Florida Atlantic 23-6 21 19 UC Santa Barbara Rice Coastal Carolina LSU
20 Long Beach State 19-11 22.67 20 Long Beach State NC State UC Santa Barbara Minnesota
21 Clemson 23-9 23 21 Rice Florida Atlantic Kentucky Coastal Carolina
22 Rice 20-11 23.33 22 Tulane Michigan Southern Miss TCU
23 Tulane 21-10 25.33 23 ECU South Alabama Clemson Louisiana-Lafayette
23 BYU 25-5 25.33 24 Florida Atlantic Tulane Missouri State Rice
25 Southern Miss 25-8 25.67 25 South Alabama Southern Miss Houston Florida Atlantic