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A high school football coach got mad at Ole Miss for not recruiting his players. This is very dumb.

Everybody's #madonline about Ole Miss football recruiting, including Bill Conides of St. Stanislaus.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday afternoon, Bill Conides, the highly successful head coach of the St. Stanislaus Rock-a-Chaws, a premier private school football program in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, remarked on his displeasure over Ole Miss not having offered football scholarships to some of his program's players. Here's what he said in a now-deleted tweet:

Dear @OleMissFB thanks for not offering my kids. I can't wait for their teams to schedule you in the future. Get ready to get skull-drug.

We presume that Coach Conides is referencing the scholarship offers of two class of 2017 prospects currently on the Rock-a-chaws roster: Chase Rogers and Myles Brennan. The former is a tight end who is committed to Tennessee over offers from Cal and Mississippi State; the latter is a quarterback with offers from Cal, Memphis, Cincinnati, Arkansas State, and a handful of others. Neither has yet to receive an offer from Ole Miss. This makes people mad.

Conides then expanded on those lovely thoughts with the Sun Herald:

No one (with Ole Miss) has ever said 'we're not going to offer Chase (Rogers) or we're not going to offer Myles (Brennan) because of X, Y, Z.' I've got that from people like Mississippi State. They told me flat-out exactly what they were looking for and that was it. With Ole Miss, it was kind of, we'll wait and see.

Well, unfortunately for Ole Miss, folks in the SEC know what our young men can do and have offered. It's going to be sweet revenge on some Saturdays.

Coach Conides' tweet, a public display of bold petulance, is pretty stupid. Here are some thoughts on that:

Signing day 2016 just happened, like, a month-and-a-half ago

You know who else hasn't received an offer from Ole Miss? Probably a few guys who will end up signing with the Rebels on National Signing Day 2017. They, like a lot of prospects, will get offers over the summer while they attend football camps, or during their senior seasons as they prove their mettle on the gridiron. Schools have about ten months left to get their signing classes in order, so players still have time to earn the offers they feel they deserve.

Not everybody gets a scholarship

Ole Miss football scholarships, like everybody else's football scholarships, are a very finite commodity. Ole Miss has to be deliberate about to whom they offer these football scholarships. Not everyone gets to have one. I never got one, for example. There are reasons for this.

Football's a sport with 22 starters on the field, each of which plays a very unique position requiring very specific skillsets. SEC schools can only sign 25 players to a scholarship per class, and the NCAA caps the total number of scholarships at 85. Ole Miss, like other programs, has to offer all kinds of players scholarships to field an effective football team - throwin' kinds, jumpin' kinds, runnin' kinds, heck, even kickin' kinds. Unfortunately, there are many more high school players than Ole Miss has scholarshipped roster spots for.

Why didn't he tweet dumb stuff at LSU or Alabama?

There are some players on the St. Stanislaus roster who are legitimate D1 football talents. If they haven't received an Ole Miss offer yet, then they haven't yet proven that they're a legitimate Ole Miss-level football talent. There is a distinction there.

Ole Miss just won ten games in the deep, talented SEC West. Ole Miss just signed a top-10 recruiting class. Ole Miss just won the galldang Sugar Bowl. Ole Miss is about to have three of its players drafted in the first round of the NFL Draft. Ole Miss, both on the field and off, is competing against the likes of LSU, Georgia, and Alabama. Yet Coach Conides' argument stems from a (false) idea that Ole Miss is still smaller potatoes, and should behave as such. Scholarship offers from Tennessee and Mississippi State do not propone eligibility for a scholarship offer from Ole Miss.

If you can understand why players don't have offers from Alabama, Ohio State, USC, or Florida State, then you can understand why they don't have offers from Ole Miss. This is a reality that a lot of people are really uncomfortable with.

This ain't exactly helping the players

If he knew what he was doing, and if he really wanted them to have an Ole Miss football scholarship for their sake, then he wouldn't have tweeted that.

Coach Conides is either dishonest or naïve

A high school coach tweeting his frustrations over his players not receiving offers to a certain school betrays what I assume is his very real understanding of college football recruiting. If what he tweeted was a sincerely held belief - the belief that his players should have Ole Miss offers, but don't for reasons that warrant criticism of Ole Miss - then he's terribly naïve. Either he thinks he knows better than Coach Freeze and his staff, or he thinks that the Ole Miss coaches are deliberately withholding offers from deserving players for bad reasons.

I think we all suspect that he knows better than that. His players don't have Ole Miss offers, and probably won't get them. He's sharp enough to know this, but instead of touting his player's successes and congratulating the schools that offer them, he used their lack of Ole Miss offers as a platform to undeservedly criticize the Rebel football program. Worse than that is his insistence that what he's doing is in the best interests of his players. He suggests that Ole Miss not offering his players, but not flat-out telling them that they most definitely will not get an offer, is both unusual and improper. He also posits this as if he is in any sort of position to tell Ole Miss what its recruiting strategy should be.

That's not the case, and nobody thinks that's the case. That's pissing on our legs and telling us it's raining. That's trying to cook an entire fish on a flat-top griddle and pass it off as fine cuisine.

I ain't stupid. You ain't stupid. Gordon Ramsay sure as hell ain't stupid. You're not clever enough to fool any of us, so cut the shit, coach.

The past participle of "to drag" is "dragged"

Coach, you wanted to say "skull dragged," not "skull-drug." Grammar is important and words have meanings.