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Podcast Rebellion 1.67: Over or under 9.5 wins for Ole Miss in 2016?

The fellas are graced by the blue check mark presence of Gridiron Now's five-star croot Alex McDaniel to talk about over/under wins for the Rebs, The Grove and people being #madonline.

So last week, Bleacher Report's Barrett Sallee released his over/under win totals for every Southeastern Conference team. Well, since it's the end of March, we here at Podcast Rebellion figured it was time to start discussing our bold predictions for the 2016 season. Luckily, we have Gridiron Now's Director of Audience Development Alex McDaniel to help guide us through the ridiculous conundrum that is preseason predictions.

We will also talk a little bit about how the double standard is sweeping the nation on Twitter and people continue to be idiots about folks breaking the law and using sports morality as a veil to cover shitty situations. Then, Alex will share some very rich stories about her time in Alabama when she worked with and some of the best memories when she has been a victim who has been in the cross hairs of someone who was #madonline.

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  • Can Ole Miss win 10+?
  • Will the Rebs finally get to Atlanta?
  • Does anyone in Oktibbeha County know what a double standard is?
  • Is Chad Kelly gonna be good enough to get the Rebs to Atlanta?
  • Do you think Ole Miss can beat Bama again?
  • What is your favorite memory from The Grove?