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Ole Miss pro day 2016: Start time, TV, online streaming, player list and more

Monday's pro day brings the unblinking gaze of the NFL scouting network to Oxford, where Laquon Treadwell's 40-yard dash in particular will come under heavy scrutiny.

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On Monday morning, Laquon Treadwell is going to crouch low to the turf of Ole Miss' indoor practice facility, fire out of his sprinter's stance and run 40 yards as fast as he possibly can. At the end of those 40 yards will be a stopwatch attached to a thumb attached to a scout attached to the harsh judgement of the larger NFL evaluation apparatus. Tenths of seconds attached to millions of dollars.

The 40 has, in the words of former NFL coach Herm Edwards, been "made into an event"—an off-field drill that, through decades of exaltation, has become inordinately associated with on-field ability. Treadwell's decision not to run at the Combine has only intensified the scrutiny. The roughly four seconds (Treadwell says he's hoping for something in the 4.5 range) he spends running in a straight line will be the most publicized time period of Ole Miss' historic, star-studded pro day, which will be broadcast live on both the NFL and SEC Networks.

Not that the 40 is by any means insignificant, particularly in Treadwell's case. There are legitimate concerns over Laquon's ability to separate from elite cornerbacks at the next level, where he won't be able to rely as heavily on his physicality to wrestle away balls. A slow 40 time will, at least in the eyes of a lot of pro teams, concretize those concerns.

The overwhelming majority of mock drafts have Treadwell getting scooped by the wideout-needy Rams with the 15th pick of the first round. Other potential landing spots include Chicago (11th overall pick), Minnesota (23rd) and Cincy (24th).

Of course, Treadwell isn't he only one with something to prove. Laremy Tunsil, who didn't take part in any of the measurable drills at the Combine, is trying to cement his status as the No. 1 overall pick. Robert Nkemdiche is hoping to use his seductive athleticism to paint over his off-field troubles. Most significantly, a bevy of under-the-radar guys like C.J. Johnson, Trae Elston and Jaylen Walton will be using the reflective glare from the three likely first rounders to show their own stuff.

How can I watch?

When: TV coverage begins at 10:30 a.m. CT
TV: NFL Network and SEC Network will be broadcasting live from the IPF.
Online: WatchESPN has you covered

Who's participating?

Justin Bell, OG
Chief Brown, DB
Fahn Cooper, OT
Cody Core, WR
Trae Elston, S
Woodrow Hamilton, DT
Mike Hilton, DB
C.J. Johnson, LB
Aaron Morris, OG
Robert Nkemdiche, DT
Christian Russell, LB
Laquon Treadwell, WR
Laremy Tunsil, OT
Jaylen Walton, RB
Channing Ward, DE

Oh and there's actually a trio of players from previous years that are still trying to fight their way into the League:

Bryon Bennett, DL
Serderius Bryant, LB
Vince Sanders, WR