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College baseball top 25: Vanderbilt, Louisville fall after rough weekends

The first full weekend of conference play brought some shakeups to the major polls.

Steven Branscombe-USA TODAY Sports

From now through the end of the season, we'll be tracking all of the major top 25 polls in a weekly post after the rankings drop every Monday. Instead of just listing all them, though, we're gonna be making a composite ranking that averages the top three polls: D1 Baseball, Baseball America and Perfect Game.

The big shakeup in the SEC this week is the fall of Vandy, which lost two of three to Mississippi State. The Dores fell from the No. 3 composite down to No. 7, dipping as low as 11 in Baseball America's rankings. State's climb was modest -- up one spot to No. 13 -- thanks to a pair of midweek losses that actually left them below .500 on the week.

In the ACC, Miami won a top 25 showdown against Louisville, sending the Canes up a couple spots to No. 6. It's the second series loss of the season for Louisville, though they still somehow ended up one spot ahead of Ole Miss (who beat them a few weeks ago) in the Perfect Game poll.

Oh and keep an eye for the state of South Carolina, where the Gamecocks and Clemson both swept conference foes over the weekend: SC made easy work of ranked Arkansas while the Tigers put away a Boston College team fresh off a series win over NC State.

Note: RPI is *not* used to calculate the composite rankings.

Composite Average D1 Baseball Baseball America Perfect Game RPI
1 Florida 1 1 Florida Florida Florida Florida
2 Texas A&M 2 2 Texas A&M Texas A&M Texas A&M North Carolina
3 Oregon State 3 3 Oregon State Oregon State Oregon State Clemson
4 North Carolina 5 4 North Carolina Miami TCU South Carolina
4 TCU 5 5 Vanderbilt TCU North Carolina Ole Miss
6 Miami 5.67 6 TCU North Carolina Miami Louisville
7 Vanderbilt 7.67 7 Miami Ole Miss Vanderbilt UC Santa Barbara
8 Ole Miss 8 8 Ole Miss Louisville Louisville Miami
9 Louisville 8.33 9 Louisville Virginia Ole Miss Florida State
10 LSU 11 10 LSU Mississippi State LSU Oregon State
11 Florida State 11.33 11 Florida State Vanderbilt Florida State TCU
12 Virginia 12.33 12 Clemson Florida State Virginia South Alabama
13 Mississippi State 12.67 13 NC State LSU Mississppi State Southern Miss
14 Clemson 15.67 14 South Carolina UCLA NC State Oklahoma State
14 Cal 15.67 15 Mississippi State Cal Cal Michigan State
16 NC State 16 16 Virginia Houston UCLA UCLA
16 UCLA 16 17 Cal Clemson Houston Old Dominion
18 South Carolina 17 18 UCLA South Carolina Clemson Charleston
19 Houston 19.33 19 ECU Oklahoma State South Carolina Georgia Tech
20 Oklahoma State 20.33 20 Arkansas Long Beach State Oklahoma State West Virginia
21 Arkansas 22.33 21 Long Beach State NC State Coastal Carolina Wright State
22 Long Beach State 23.67 22 Oklahoma State Alabama Arkansas Kent State
23 Michigan 26 23 Missouri State Michigan Texas Tech Vanderbilt
24 ECU 26.33 24 Florida Atlantic UC Santa Barbara Oregon Texas A&M
25 Coastal Carolina 27 25 Houston Arkansas Michigan Gonzaga