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Podcast Rebellion 1.63: How good is Ole Miss baseball?

After a huge series win over another top-ranked team at The Sway, Mike Bianco and Co. have us wondering if this team is for real. RCR baseball expert smeargle joins the fun to help us break it down.

Hoo boy what a weekend it was for Ole Miss baseball. Even though they were shut out on Saturday, that loss was sandwiched between two stellar wins over then No. 2-ranked Louisville. The bats weren't quite as loud as they were against FIU, but as the old saying goes, "good times find ways to win".

Still, we saw last year that knocking off elite teams doesn't always translate to postseason runs. Was last weekend's series another mirage, or was it proof that this squad has taken a step forward in 2016? With a midweek home game against Memphis followed by a tournament trip to Conway, S.C., the Diamondbears have the opportunity to answer some more questions this week.

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Other extremely important topics discussed:

  • Who would you like to see get the nod at DH?
  • Is pinot grigio only for women?
  • How ridiculous was ESPN's request to Erin Andrews?
  • Will getting rid of tackling in practice ruin college football?
  • What are you looking forward to the most in the Hardwood Egg Bowl?
  • Can the hoops team make a run in Nashville at the SEC Tournament?