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The Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State basketball drinking game


Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

It's Senior Night 2016 in The Pavilion. The last time that Stefan Moody, Martavious Newby, Anthony Perez, and Tomasz Gielo will all suit up in Oxford, and against Ben Howland's Basketdawgs, to boot. This year's previous meeting in Starkville, in which Moody and Sebastian Saiz were out with injuries, ended in an 83-77 disaster for the Rebels.

On Wednesday, it's time for payback. And drinking. A lot of drinking.

Dave Neal and Daymeon Fishback are calling this one, and they love Oxford and The Pavilion. They're sure to fire up some common refrains, then, for the night's proceedings. The rules for our drinking game, as ever, are simple: you can follow our Twitter-aggregated list along at home, or not and just lock that fifth of grain lightening straight onto your face for the duration. We're not picky.

The rules

1. For every exclamation point tweeted by Mississippi State's official men's basketball Twitter account, drink.

2. Every time one of the announcers fawns over The Pavilion's sundry amenities, drink.

3. If either of the announcers get confused about which school they're talking about, take a shot.

4. Every time Stefan Moody's height or jumping ability is mentioned, drink.

5. Every time the Egg Bowl, Dak Prescott or Chad Kelly is mentioned, drink three times. If they show the clip of Dak's Egg Bowl pick-six, take a shot instead.

6. Every time the Malik Newman recruiting battle is mentioned, drink.

7. Every time you hear or see NIT, drink.

8. If they show the Last Four In, First Four Out graphic, finish your drink.

9. Every time they mention Saiz's, Newby's, or Moody's injuries earlier this season and how they've adversely affected the Rebels' tournament hopes #narrative, drink.

10. If you see a cowbell, drink.

11. Every time #CLANGA grabs an offensive rebound, drink.

12. Every time Rasheed Brooks attempts an outrageously ill-advised three, drink.

13. If Marshall Henderson is mentioned, drink three times (because Marshall always goes for three, playa).

How to watch:

Game Time: 6 p.m. CT
TV: SEC Network
Online Streaming: WatchESPN