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2016 NIT bracket: Ole Miss doesn't make the cut

Oversaturated by automatic qualifiers, the NIT didn't have room for the 20-win Rebels.

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After being skipped over by the NIT, Ole Miss' 2015-16 season is over. The selection results have been released and the Rebels, who followed up an unimpressive 20-11 regular season with a one-and-done debacle in the SEC Tournament, are on the outside looking in.

No, this isn't a case of turning the NIT down. Athletic Director Ross Bjork had previously said Ole Miss would "gladly accept an invitation."

The Rebs are, however, turning down any potential chance to join the CBI or Vegas 16 tournaments, according to Ben Garrett of

It's the first time since 1974 that the NIT has left out an SEC team that won 20 regular season games and 10 conference games (per Kory Keys), but the selection committee's hand was forced by the outcomes of conference championship games over the last 48 hours. Because the NIT extends automatic invites to any Division I team that wins its regular season conference championship, Ole Miss needed the bulk of those teams to also win their conference tournament and be pulled into the NCAA Tournament. But 20 regular season champs ended up losing their conference tourney, 15 of which ended up in the NIT. That oversaturated the bracket and pushed Ole Miss out.

The biggest drawback to missing the NIT is that it means we'll never again see Stefan Moody suit up in red and blue. Moody, who was forced into a do-everything-on-the-damn-court-by-himself role as a senior, was the only true entertainment value of this team, leading the SEC in both scoring and how the fuck did he just do that? highlight clips. He deserved another trip to the Big Dance, but didn't have enough help to make it happen.

And just in case you're wondering...

Full NIT bracket

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Full NIT bracket 2016