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Ole Miss football involved in 13 of the NCAA allegations, per reports

Multiple sources claim that the football program's involvement in the alleged violations is more significant than initially reported.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

A source close to the NCAA investigation of Ole Miss told David Brandt of the Associated Press that 13 of the 28 allegations levied against the school pertain to football and that nine of those concern the current coaching staff. ESPN has since confirmed the report with multiple sources.

Those numbers are significantly higher than what was initially reported when news of the NCAA's Notice of Allegations broke two weeks ago. At the time, Ole Miss sources told numerous media outlets, including SB Nation, that the large majority of the allegations came against track and women's basketball, and of those that came against football, most pertained to Houston Nutt's staff.

The latest reports state that violations are a mix of Level I, II and III (Level I is the most serious). Those that occurred under the current staff are "low-level violations" and none of the allegations mention Hugh Freeze by name, according to ESPN. Ole Miss officials reiterated to ESPN that there "were no surprises" in the NCAA's Notice of Allegations.

According to ESPN sources, this is the breakdown of the nine alleged violations since Freeze was hired:

(The first four on this list were all self-reported by Ole Miss)

  • A coach contacting a recruit during a designated non-contact evaluation period.
  • Creating an improper recruiting video outside the locker room.
  • A booster illegally transporting a recruit to campus.
  • A stepfather of a recruit having his lodging paid for during an official visit (a rule that has since been changed by the NCAA).
  • Five violations for the Laremy Tunsil scandal, including use of a loaner car and spending the night at the house of an Ole Miss assistant coach.

The remaining four allegations reportedly tie in with David Saunders, the former Houston Nutt assistant that was recently disciplined by the NCAA for recruiting violations while coaching at Louisiana-Lafayette.

There's also this from Brandt:

Ole Miss has already released some self-reported football violations over the past year, including that a "representative of athletics interests" provided transportation for potential recruits on six different occasions from 2011 to '14.

There was also a self-report where an assistant coach -- whose name was redacted from documents -- made improper contact with a recruit at a high school.

For those suggesting that Athletics Director Ross Bjork lied two weeks ago, go back and read his statement. While he doesn't mention the four new allegations, nothing in the statement clashes with the most recent reports:

Included in the notice are alleged violations of NCAA bylaws in women's basketball in 2012; track and field in 2012-13; and in football, with many of the allegations dating back to the former football staff in 2010 and the withholding and reinstatement process around Laremy Tunsil in fall of 2015.