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Where's the 2016 Ole Miss signing class from? Mostly the South.

Thanks SB Nation's Auburn blog College and Magnolia for helping me figure out how to do this.

I always enjoy any type of graphical visualization of data sets. I also really like recruiting. Combine those two in a paint shaker, and you've got this map of each town from which an Ole Miss signee hails.

As you can see, the Rebels pulled players from eight states: Mississippi, Texas, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Massachusetts, and Illinois. The fact that Ole Miss was able to nab five players from Texas, four of whom were rated at four stars or higher (and one of whom was Greg Little, the #1 player in the state), is absolutely astounding. That isn't a common thing.

In order to be successful, Ole Miss has to recruit very well regionally and pluck a few from out of their region. While they did in fact accomplish that, the map points out just how little traction there is for the Ole Miss brand outside of the Southeast and Texas. The coaches have to continue putting the vast majority of their focus In our region if they want the best bang for their buck.