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Robert Nkemdiche says Laremy Tunsil was with him the night of his Atlanta fall

Big Rob took the podium at the NFL Combine on Friday and was, uh, not very chill.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Welp, Laremy Tunsil's agent probably wasn't a big fan of Robert Nkemdiche's Friday press conference at the NFL Combine. During questioning in Indy, Big Rob was asked who was with him the night of his infamous tumble in Atlanta and he name-dropped Tunsil.

Nkemdiche said he was only drinking the night he fell from a fourth-floor window and that the drugs found in his room (which would later lead to his arrest on marijuana possession charges), weren't his.

"There were more people in my room," he said, according to SEC Country. "The hotel was under my name. Nobody wanted to take the fall, so it happened to be under my name."

It seems unlikely that this would have any major effect on Tunsil's chances of going No. 1 overall to the Titans, but it certainty doesn't do him any favors, particularly since he's already having to answer questions about the NCAA investigation that ended in a seven-game suspension. No information has ever been put forth regarding Tunsil and any illicit substances. He was never suspended for a violation of team rules at Ole Miss, and we have not heard of any failed drug tests.

"That was a rash blunder," Nkemdiche said of the incident. "People that know me know that's not who I am. I don't do those kinds of things. The media has done a tarnish to my name."

He also admitted that there were times during games that he "didn't finish" and "was lazy on some plays."

Oh and add this to questionable statements:

"[Ole Miss was] pretty clean with me. They recruited me pretty clean," Nkemdiche told SEC Country. "Of course my brother (Denzel) was there, so that was a huge factor and my mom wanted us to play together, so that was another huge factor. I didn't need a lot more. Plus, people said they were going to come play with me if I went there. It was everything I wanted."

I didn't need a lot more.

Maybe stop talking, Rob.