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Grillin & Chillin: Ole Miss baseball defeats Arkansas State to stay perfect

The frigid weather cooled off the Rebel bats, but a few clutch swings (and a tasty Chicago-style hot dog) warmed things back up.

While the weather conditions and performance on the field left a lot to be desired after a weekend filled with warmer temperatures and double digit hit games, the Rebs found a way to eek past Arkansas State 4-3 in walkoff fashion at Swayze on Wednesday night. Midweek games might not seem like much, but every win counts when teams are considered for hosting regionals and midweek losses to lower tier clubs can really hurt a team's chances.

The atmosphere was, like our bats, a bit lackluster. When you can hear the heckles from RF while sitting anywhere in the stadium, you know the attendance is slim and the air is crisp enough to allow that sound to carry for miles. Even as I tried to pre-write this on my phone from LF, my fingers were feeling the bite of Jack Frost's pit bull that he trained in a meat locker. I can't even imagine how the players' fingers feel after snagging line drives and throws around the horn.

Swayze Swag levels


Tate "Tater Tot" Blackman: There was a time last season where Tater's Swayze swag level was on a gradual decline. Well No. 4 has come out of the gate swinging and continued his swagtastic ride last night, reaching base on all four of his at-bats. He had two walks and two hits, including the game-tying RBI in the bottom of the 8th. Keep it up, Tater Tot.

Cameron "Grey Poupon" Dishon: When you bring in the game-winning run on walkoff fashion, all the while batting towards the bottom of the line up, your swag level can't help but make a jump.

Wyatt Short's antics: He's a wacky dude and I love him for it. The double chin in the bottom picture is his go-to face anytime the camera is on him for Love is Gone. Keep doing you Wyatt.


Rebel pitching: Aside from the go-ahead run that Parkinson allowed in the seventh, the Rebel bullpen looked very solid, totaling 10 Ks. Like this past Saturday and Sunday, starting pitching (McArthur) struggled a bit through the first three innings. Apparently the coaching staff is super excited about and confident in McArthur so look for him to make another midweek start in the future.


Attendance?: It's honestly too early and the team has looked great thus far, so... I BLAME THE FANS. The announced attendance was something like 6,000... but we've all seen the same situation with empty MLB parks with exorbitant attendance claims. I was able to count around 100 in the grandstands, then give or take another 200 or so at most in the outfield and diamond club. 400 people MAX attended this game. Sure it was cold, but that's what booze is for!


When your food is half popsicle during the time it comes off the grill and into your mouth, it's a tough sell to fire up charcoal. So while I didn't "grill" myself, what follows is a simple idea you can do at home. In honor of $1 hot dog night, the temperature dropping into the 30s and the wind piercing through my three layers, I wanted to pay tribute to everyone's favorite sandwich, prepared Chicago style.

Chicago hot dog

Hot Dog

  • Hot dog buns (poppyseed if able)
  • All beef franks, you can never go wrong with Hebrew's
  • Diced onion
  • Pickle spears
  • Tomato
  • Mustard
  • Sweet Relish
  • Sport (or banana) peppers
Grill your dogs and load up your fixin's. I honestly used to eat my hot dogs with plain jane ketchup until I went to Chicago for the first time back in college. The Chicago style changed my life. I'd wager that with all these toppings, you might dare call it a sandwich.

This weekend the Rebs play host to the unanimous No. 2 team in the country, Louisville. Be sure to come early, loud and ready to watch the Rebs skyrocket in the polls when they pull off the series victory. See y'all at Swayze!