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Let's play #madonline BINGO during National Signing Day 2016

People will get angry in the world wide web on Wednesday. We made a game out of it.

Ole Miss fans love that the Rebel football program under Hugh Freeze is recruiting like the elite SEC West program we want it to be. Fans of other football programs do not. Many of these fans are wanting to take their rage to the world wide web, where they employ tactics such as offering baseless accusations of cheating, lobbing ego-fueled insults, and general petulant whining. These opposing fans are all mad about Ole Miss football recruiting, and they have decided to express this anger online. With such public displays of senseless anger comes public ridicule of senseless anger, which is where our 2016 National Signing Day #Madonline BINGO card comes in handy!

To play #Madonline BINGO, you need to only follow a few simple steps and rules:

  1. Download your very own Red Cup Rebellion #Madonline BINGO card.
  2. Open it in your favorite graphics editor
  3. Throughout National Signing Day, pay attention to Twitter, Facebook, comments threads, message boards, and so forth. Basically anywhere people congregate online to share bad opinions will do.
  4. When you see an example of one of the squares above, mark the square off with a red "X".
  5. Once you've gotten a BINGO, upload your card onto a graphics server (like imgur) and share it in the comments thread below.

It's important to ask that you do your damnedest to capture the #Madonline of one particular group or, even better, one person. If you were just looking around the internet and marking off each of these things as quickly as you saw them, then you'd have a BINGO before sunrise. That would hardly be impressive. The real skill here will be finding that one special message board post, that one comments thread, or that one Twitter feed that gets you a winning scorecard. Once you've found it, share a link to it when you post your scorecard so that we may all bask in the warmth of someone else's e-anger. Ideally, by the end of National Signing Day, we'll have dozens (if not more!) resources to turn to when looking for someone who is upset over college football recruiting.

If these instructions aren't clear, or if you have questions about what any of the particular squares mean, let us know in the comments thread below. If we don't get to it right away, surely some eager and tuned-in contestant will. Good luck!