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Ole Miss football's assistant recruiting director resigns

Branden Wenzel's resignation is reportedly unrelated to the NCAA investigation in Oxford.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Ole Miss football's Assistant Recruiting Director Branden Wenzel resigned Friday afternoon, an athletics spokesman confirmed to The Clarion-Ledger. While the timing certainly sends up signal flares for those keen on institutional Rebel wrongdoing, the spokesman said the parting of ways is unrelated to the NCAA's allegations against the university's athletics department.

If the spokesman and the gradually rising rumors are to be believed, this is an instance of terrible timing luck for the athletic program. Ole Miss is is facing a reported 28 NCAA allegations, 13 of which pertain to the football program. Athletic Director Ross Bjork confirmed earlier this week that the investigation is over, but the school has turned down FOIA requests, claiming it hopes to protect the privacy of those named in the NCAA letter.

Just Thursday, Texas assistant coach Chris Vaughn became the second casualty of the NCAA's probe, which had previously claimed the scalp of David Saunders, an assistant at Louisiana-Lafayette and formerly of Houston Nutt era Ole Miss.