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Ole Miss AD says NCAA investigation is over, doesn't expect 2nd letter

Ross Bjork said in an interview with The Clarion-Ledger that he doesn't expect any more surprises, though he still won't reveal the specific allegations in the first letter.

Spruce Derden-USA TODAY Sports

According to Ross Bjork, the NCAA is done digging through his program. In an interview with The Clarion-Ledger, the Ole Miss athletic director claimed that the three-year investigation has formally concluded and that he does not expect a rumored second Notice of Allegations. If that's true, everything we need to know about what the investigation turned up is contained in the first NCAA letter sent to Ole Miss last month.

The specific allegations contained in that letter, however, remain a mystery to the public. Bjork declined to give that info to the CL during his interview and the university has shot down FOIA requests, claiming it needs to respect the privacy of individuals named in the document.

Bjork did say that Freeze is not one of those names and that the allegations do not include a damning lack of institutional control violation. When asked whether the allegations include failure to monitor (the milder Level II version of a Level I lack of institutional control), Bjork wouldn't answer. He also declined to specify how the allegations were distributed across the football, track and women's basketball programs and how many were Level I, II and III violations.

Earlier this week, ESPN reported that 13 of the 28 allegations pertained to football. Per that report, five allegations are tied to Laremy Tunsil, four are tied to the current coaching staff (you can read the details here) and four are linked to David Saunders, an assistant under Houston Nutt.

One other interesting note: Bjork said the investigation was "pretty much done before the Laremy Tunsil stuff bubbled up last summer." Tunsil, of course, served a seven-game suspension for impermissible benefits violations that included driving a loaner car and receiving free lodging from a coach.