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Podcast Rebellion 1.60: Behind the scenes with an Ole Miss Basketball assistant

Borkberry welcome in Ole Miss basketball graduate assistant Kory Keys to discuss all things Basketbearz.

National Signing Day has come and gone. The NCAA is STILL trying to catch these gosh darn Ole Mi$$ Bearsharks cheatin', but we're just gonna press on and dive headfirst into some Rebel hoops. The Rebs are in the meat of their conference schedule and doing their damnedest to scratch and claw to make some noise before their season concludes.

Could said noise be in Nashville at the SEC Tournament? Or could it be in the NIT? Better yet, maybe they mess around and find a way into a play-in game where they can overcome a massive deficit and destroy some poor team's dreams of making it to the second round.

But, since we're talmbout those pesky Basketbearz, we decided to bring in Ole Miss basketball graduate assistant, Kory Keys. Mr. Keys will give us his take on what it would take for Ole Miss to make a late push at a postseason run, continuing to improve recruiting and how to ignore all the damn AK haters.

Also, in a Podcast Rebellion exclusive, breaking news happened while the fellas were recording as Ross Bjork and the NCAA have settled their differences and it appears that things are moving forward. Ross Bjork told the Clarion-Ledger's Daniel Paulling that the investigation into the Rebels is over and Hugh Freeze was not named in any wrongdoing.

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We asked Kory all the hard-hitting questions like...

  • What is Mr. Key's favorite Andy Kennedy moment?
  • Who does he expect to take the next step for the team next season?
  • What does he think about The Pavilion?
  • What are your thoughts on The Beacon?
  • What condiment(s) do you put on your hot dog sandwich?
  • Who do you take: LeBron James or Kobe Bryant?
  • Who do you take in a hip-hop battle: Biggie or 2pac?