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Charlie Strong is still considering a defensive coordinator job, per report

Might Ole Miss be one of the schools he’s considering?

Baylor v Texas Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The reported flirtation between South Florida and Charlie Strong has culminated in the former Texas head coach making a Friday visit to Tampa, where USF will attempt to coax him into becoming their next head coach. But there’s no deal done yet, which leaves a glimmer of hope for those Ole Miss fans hoping Strong will end up in Oxford as the Rebels’ new defensive coordinator.

Check out this report filed by 247Sports on Friday morning:

Sources of tell us that Strong is currently debating the head coach vs. defensive coordinator path after Texas. He still wants to coach, but a source said he's not sure if he wants everything that comes with being a head coach after what he went through at Texas right now.

We can confirm through a different source that should Strong not take the USF head coaching job, two other schools outside of Oregon have offered him a job as defensive coordinator.

It’s entirely possible that one of those schools is Ole Miss, which is hoping to replace recently-retired Dave Wommack. Unsubstantiated rumors placed Strong in Oxford this Wednesday and Rebels AD Ross Bjork has made it clear he’s willing to fork up the money to court a premium candidate. As of yet, however, there’s been no confirmed reports linking Strong to Ole Miss.

We at least know that Oregon is chasing Strong. Sources have confirmed to 247 that Willie Taggart—who recently created the void at USF by taking the Oregon head coach job—has contacted Strong about the DC gig in Eugene.