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Podcast Rebellion: Was taking the redshirt off Shea Patterson worth it?

SB Nation's Steven Godfrey also joins the show to talk about realistic options to replace Dave Wommack.

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The offseason is finally here after the Rebs laid an enormous egg to end its season 5-7. Hugh Freeze is in rebuild mode -- he needs to find a replacement for defensive coordinator Dave Wommack and (hopefully) several other assistants. On this week's 'cast, we're joined by the senior reporter of SB Nation, Steven Godfrey, to discuss what went wrong and where Ole Miss is looking for a new DC.

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We also take a step back to discuss the Rebs' 2016 problems on defense and offense, the impact on recruiting and whether ripping the redshirt off Shea Patterson was the right choice for Freeze and Co.

(ATTENTION: if you liked what you heard from Steven then be sure to check out his awesome college football podcast, Podcast Ain't Played Nobody, and read all of his fine work at SB Nation)