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Podcast Rebellion: Shea Patterson should take over for Chad Kelly

Lets discuss our favorite Swag memories and who should replace him to finish the season.

You might have heard that Chad Kelly is out for the year with a torn ACL. You might have also heard that during a Monday press conference, Hugh Freeze remained noncommittal about who would replace his star quarterback. Freeze insisted that redshirt freshman Jason Pellerin would get the majority of snaps this week, but refused to rule out the possibility of tearing the redshirt off of five-star true freshman Shea Patterson.

We think the answer is simple: start Shea Patterson. Any hope of salvaging the season and generating some momentum heading into 2017 depends on it.

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In addition to the Great Pellerin-Patterson debate, we also set aside some time to discuss our favorite Chad memories from the past couple of seasons.  Listen in as we regale you with tales about Chad's magnificent career and why Freeze could benefit from playing the true freshman. Hit us in the comments with your favorite memories of His Swagness. There were plenty.